Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wednesday 11/19 Workout: Fight Gone Fran

Noon class with Carl. We did a mix of Fight Gone Bad and Fran today. Pretty brutal workout.

3 Rounds, 1 minute rest in between rounds. Each exercise lasts for 1 minute, then straight into the next exercise
Row (count calories)
Thrusters (#95, reps)
Pullups (reps)
Push Press (#95, reps)
Box Jumps (Reps)

Score: 201 R1: 75 R2:61 R3: 65

I typically got 15 or 16 with my rowing. Thrusters were the worst and I probably averaged 4. Pullups were tough because my forearms were cooked, probably averaged 10. Push Press wasn't bad, probably averaged 13 and the box jumps were my best probably averaging 20. My box jumps are definitely getting a lot better but those thrusters need to improve. Especially for my Fran time.

Tuesday 11/18 Workout: Dead Dip

Noon with Angel at Planet Granite. Great workout today. Allowed me to work on my deadlifts which have always bothered me due to poor form. Angel definitely helped me with my setup, especially with getting tight, and my return.

As many rounds in 20 Minutes:
15 Dips
12 Deadlifts (Bodyweight #170)
200 Meter run

I got 4 1/3 rounds. I took my time with the deadlifts to make sure my form was correct and I wasn't just rushing through them. It was very strange to workout inside. The stuffy, hot air was much more difficult to breath than it normally is outside.

Monday 11/17 Workout: GOAT Day

Noon with Angel. Only Steve and I showed up so we both got a chance to work on our GOATS. Since I had never snatched before, we worked on those. I also needed work on my handstands so we did a handstand piece as well.

There was no specific workout today but more so just practice on movements I am not great at. I definitely feel comfortable with my snatches as well as my handstand. Of course my handstand is still against a wall, but getting into the handstand is much easier now.

Just gotta keep practicing.

Saturday 11/15 Workout

I did two workouts this morning. One at 830 and one at 1130. The 830 was with Angel, but I can't remember what we did (That's what I get for taking so long to post the workouts). The 1130 was with Carl, Lucas and Angel.

3 Rounds
10 Cleans (#115)
Row 500 Meters

Each round had to be completed in four minutes. BRUTAL.

Then we finished the workout with 3 rounds of box & pirouettes pushups & 10 tire flips.

I was tired after the 830 am workout, but the shake and resting definitely helped rejuvenate me for the 1130 workout. 1130 felt good, I hate rowing but got through it. The cleans are getting a lot better and so is my form.

11/14 Workout

Noon with Diane. This workout was focused on Shoulders and keeping weight overhead.

5 Rounds:
10 Clean & Jerk
10 Pullups
Fence Run

Time: Don't Remember

Felt good, though the shoulders were real tired by the end.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

11/12 Workout

Noon workout with Carl, still unemployed. It was a beautiful day with some great sunshine.


With a partner complete 10 Rounds of:
10 Box Jumps
Split Jerks (40# DB)

This workout requires a bit more explanation. The box jumps were merely a timer. While one partner attempts the 10 box jumps, the other partner has to complete as many Split jerks in the time it takes the first partner to complete those 10 box jumps.

I did my split jerks with 40 lbs DB's and that was a good amount. I haven't really had much work on my split jerks and could tell. I need to get under the weight more as I pop it up. My front leg needs to extend forward more in order to do this. I also need to pop the weight up more than I was because I could feel my shoulders getting tired towards the end of the workout. I did however improve on my box jumps greatly. I made a point to work on the quickness from hitting the ground to immediately jumping back up and I definitely improved on that with this workout.

11/11 Workout

6 pm class with Kelly. I still can't believe how dark it is before 6. Just depressing. Anyways, the workout:

With a partner, complete 5 rounds of the following exercises:
Knees to Box Jump
Knees to Elbows
Kettlebell Swings

This was a competition between you and your partner. With each exercise you had to beat his/her number of reps.

I went second each time which I think helped me in the long run. It gave me a repitition number to shoot for while my partner had to just go as hard as he could. I felt great and won everything but the pushups. My partner could crank out the pushups and I was close each time, 1 or 2 reps, but just couldn't get a leg up with the pushups.

I definitely liked this workout, it really pushed you since you were going head to head with somebody else. We were originally supposed to do 7 rounds, but Kelly cut it to 5 because he could tell people were struggling. Definitely had a good headache after this one, but GREAT WORKOUT.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

11/10: 7/10's

I went to the Noon class today with Angel. You are probably asking yourself, "Noon class on a weekday, huh?" Well I was fortunate enough to get laid off last week, so I now have some time around lunch to make a workout, and wow, was it nice to be outside during the weekday! More on this later, let's get on to the workout:

5 Rounds for time
7 Squat Cleans (30# DB's)
10 Burpees

Time: 7:01

I felt good during this workout. Whether that was because it was the middle of the day or I was just excited to be outside, I don't know. What I do know is I should have gone heavier. I definitely could have finished in the 8 minute range with 40's. The burpees were the worst for me. My back has been real sore since doing some deadlifting last week and the motion of the burpees was a little painful, but hey, you have to endure some pain to get what you want, NOTHING COMES EASY!

Now a couple of thoughts on getting laid off. While going from a guaranteed salary and getting checks every 2 weeks to having no income obviously is not fun, I can do nothing but look at this as a positive thing. I don't have kids to support, I don't have any pets to feed, and I have a chance now to really look at what makes me happy in everyday life. Not many people get the opportunity to do this. The thought of going back into another office setting and sitting at a cubicle in order to fill the "hours" I was told I have to be there, sounds like the worst idea in the world. We were not put on this earth to waste away in dimly lit, windowless settings where our "hard work" is hardly appreciated or rewarded.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for working hard, but when you get shit from your bosses for not putting in the "extra hours" even though all of your work has been completed in an impressive fashion, that pisses me off. It turns into a competition to see who can kill the most time in the office so the bosses see you are putting in more hours so they assume you must be working hard. What I am trying to say is that if you are a cubicle dweller, you know how much time is wasted during the typical workday, and surprisingly, all of your work still seems to get done on time. Imagine if you could focus for 3-4 hours, get all of your work done for the day, and have all that time on your hands! What would you do?

This is what I have been thinking for a couple of days now and I believe that I can pull this off. I have recently realized that I am fairly good at writing and I know their is a strong need for web content writers out there. I also know that with that extra time, I would get my crossfit certification as well as some other fitness certifications, I would get into kiteboarding, Mtn bike more often, get into photography, learn the drums, most importantly LIVE MY LIFE!

So here is my goal:
By January 1st I want to be freelance writing for 5 websites, have at least 2 certifications in fitness completed and have my crossfit cert scheduled.

We will visit this in a month and a half and see where I am.

Think about what type of legacy you want to leave on this planet when you are gone. What would you think of the life you are leading when you are on your death bed. Would you be proud of your accomplishments and the path you chose or would you wish you had pursued your passions and enjoyed life? It's never too late to make a change.