Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wednesday 11/19 Workout: Fight Gone Fran

Noon class with Carl. We did a mix of Fight Gone Bad and Fran today. Pretty brutal workout.

3 Rounds, 1 minute rest in between rounds. Each exercise lasts for 1 minute, then straight into the next exercise
Row (count calories)
Thrusters (#95, reps)
Pullups (reps)
Push Press (#95, reps)
Box Jumps (Reps)

Score: 201 R1: 75 R2:61 R3: 65

I typically got 15 or 16 with my rowing. Thrusters were the worst and I probably averaged 4. Pullups were tough because my forearms were cooked, probably averaged 10. Push Press wasn't bad, probably averaged 13 and the box jumps were my best probably averaging 20. My box jumps are definitely getting a lot better but those thrusters need to improve. Especially for my Fran time.

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