Thursday, November 13, 2008

11/12 Workout

Noon workout with Carl, still unemployed. It was a beautiful day with some great sunshine.


With a partner complete 10 Rounds of:
10 Box Jumps
Split Jerks (40# DB)

This workout requires a bit more explanation. The box jumps were merely a timer. While one partner attempts the 10 box jumps, the other partner has to complete as many Split jerks in the time it takes the first partner to complete those 10 box jumps.

I did my split jerks with 40 lbs DB's and that was a good amount. I haven't really had much work on my split jerks and could tell. I need to get under the weight more as I pop it up. My front leg needs to extend forward more in order to do this. I also need to pop the weight up more than I was because I could feel my shoulders getting tired towards the end of the workout. I did however improve on my box jumps greatly. I made a point to work on the quickness from hitting the ground to immediately jumping back up and I definitely improved on that with this workout.

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