Saturday, October 11, 2008

10/11 Workout - Max Press & Pullups

8:30 am workout with Kelly, Angel & Diane.

Workout: 5 Rounds, Max Reps
Ground Press, Body Weight (175)

Final Score: 73, Only completed 3 Rounds

Round 1: 7 Press, 22 Pullups
Round 2: 6, 17
Round 3: 5, 16

Kelly had all of us work on our Ground Press. He showed us how we should be keeping our shoulder blades and upper part of the shoulder, completely against the ground throughout the whole press movement. This avoids putting any stress on the shoulders through the movement. I like doing this on the ground as opposed to on a bench because it doesn't allow you to cheat with momentum. It also makes you work on loading your shoulders and keeping them in a safe, loaded position throughout the movement. I was surprised on my strength in the press. The last time I ground pressed, probably about 7 months ago, I was struggling with 135 and now I feel great with 175. This stuff apparently works! The pullups felt great. I definitely could have gotten more reps on my first round.

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