Tuesday, October 7, 2008

10/7 Workout: Push Jerk Heavy

6 am class with Kevin. Real tired this morning but the whole milk definitely helped with the empty stomach.

Workout: Heavy Push Jerk
I got 3 reps with 155#

Ended the workout with Partnered Burple race.
Each Partner Does the following for time:
7 Burples
6 Burples
5 Burples
4 Burples
3 Burples
2 Burples
1 Burple

I felt good with this weight, definitely could have gone heavier. It was the first time I did push jerk from the back of my neck. I definitely need to work on the initial explosion to jerk the weight up there. Gotta jump.

I teamed up with Graham for the burples and we came in second.

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