Thursday, October 9, 2008

10/9 Workout: Body Weight Challenge

6 am class with Boz. Had some whole milk before I left the Apt., definitely helps. We warmed up with the usual stuff, jump rope, pushups, squats and a run to the hydrant. Feeling surprisingly good this morning even though I got to bed late.

Workout: 5 Rounds with Partner
5 Pistols Each Leg (with or without support)
5 Weighted Pullups

7 vs. 7 Tug O' War to end the morning

I was surprised at both my pistols and my pullups. My pistols have improved greatly since the first time I did them. I am much weaker on my left leg than my right. I can almost do a right legged pistol on my own, I just need to work on the balance. Left leg has a ways to go. I started the pullups at 35# and quickly moved up to 50# for my fourth round. I got 4 pullups on my fourth and 3 on my fifth. I could have rested and gotten to five, but I wanted to see how many I could do without resting.

The Tug O' War at the end was awesome. We should do that more often.


Carolyn said...

Well written article.

Sean said...

Thanks for the comment and for reading. Would love to know how you found the blog. Thanks.